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Traditional Vinyl Pavilion

The Traditional Vinyl Pergola is a great option if you are looking for a beautiful outdoor structure that requires little to no maintenance to look great year after year. They are built strong with 6×6 posts and are designed with superior wind resistance...
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Key Features:
  • Made in the USA
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Decorative Post Skirts
  • Engineered for Strength
  • Double Main Rafters
  • Tongue and Groove Ceiling
  • Anchor Brackets



The Vinyl Pagoda offers an elegant and maintenance-free solution to enhance your outdoor living space. Crafted with heavy-duty 6x6 posts encased in durable vinyl sleeves, it combines strength with sophistication, ensuring a lasting structure that withstands the elements. Its decorative post skirts and engineered headers add a touch of class, while the double main rafters provide unmatched structural integrity. The 1x6 tongue and groove ceiling boards, covered with architectural asphalt shingles, not only offer additional protection but also contribute to the Pagoda's aesthetic appeal. Perfect for any backyard or garden, the Vinyl Pagoda is designed to offer a serene and stylish retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

Additional Information:
Posts Heavy-duty 6x6, inserted into a low-maintenance vinyl sleeve
Post Skirts Decorative post skirts
Headers Engineered headers built with 3-ply 2x8s
Roof Rafters Double main rafters for structural integrity
Ceiling Boards 1x6 tongue and groove boards
Roof Covering Architectural asphalt shingles
Anchor Brackets For mounting to concrete pad and wood decks
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